Rebecca Ritchie


Fine artist based in Tunbridge Wells. Working in oils. Rebecca’s sources of inspiration are numerous and taken from her daily world with a particular fondness for still life and portraiture.

Rebecca won  The Artist’s People’s Choice Award at the 2018 Patchings Art Festival

Available for commission.

Beer, Bread and Olives

Oil on canvas 40cm x 30cm

‘Fig Bag Composition’

‘Fig Bag Composition’
Oil on canvas 45cm x 36cm

Colin Portrait

Oil on canvas, 40cm x 60cm

As featured in ‘The Artist’ and Winner of:

The Artist’s People’s Choice Award

Patchings Art Festival 2018

Night Hare

91cm x 61cm

Pantry Ensemble

Oil on canvas 37cm x 29cm

As seen in Condé Nast World of Interiors


The Cherry Bowl

Oil on canvas 30cm x 25cm

Pink Garlic

31cm x 26cm Oil on Canvas

Marble Duo

Oil on canvas 30cm x 16cm

Marble Trio

Oil on canvas 30cm x 16cm


Oil on canvas 120cm x 100cm