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Artist Bio

​Rebecca is a still life artist based in Tunbridge Wells, whose practice approaches subject matter with a classical technical style. Having attended Maidstone school of art Rebecca went on to enjoy a successful career in Television Set design. Rebecca began making a body of work as a full time artist in 2015 and is currently based in Langton Green where she produces artwork from her own studio.   Rebecca also enjoys painting portraits and won the 2018 ‘The Artist’s People’s Choice Award’ with the Artist and Leisure painter magazines for her Portrait ‘Colin’. The artist has featured in Galleries and Exhibitions all over the UK including with the Society of Women Artists in London.   Inspired by the Dutch masters, in both technique and lighting, she uses many glazed layers and favours ‘Chiaroscuro’ lighting with bold contrasts between dark and light. Working exclusively in oils, her props cupboard is brimming with hoarded silverware, glass, and china teacups which she uses to great effect in her work, capturing reflections and tranquility in the rendering of light as it passes through the translucent skin of fruit or glass, and porcelain.

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Artist Statement

“My compositions are constructed in my mind’s eye before I begin hunting for my props and I am very much drawn to a combination of items that create an appealing scene or give a sense of nostalgia. I spend as long as I can on the composition and use a digital camera to help work out the best composition. I spend hours rooting around on ebay, antique shops – and sometimes even friends’ houses for things that I’m specifically looking for. I’ve built up quite a collection of pottery, glass and old silverware, which I like for its reflective qualities. I prefer natural light because the shadows are so different, I also enjoy the hint of my garden through the window that emerges in the reflected light. I spend a long time on the composition, housing it in a dark board structure pinned together to specifically control and restrict light. I also occasionally introduce candle light ‘off stage’ for additional moulding and tone.” – Rebecca Ritchie

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